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Concrete Corrosion
Concrete corrosion

Re-bar corrosion

Acid spill

Corrosion of a reinforced concrete bund floor was the result of spilled acid. Concrete dissolves rapidly in acids and a concrete capture bund requires constructing to the correct specification to avoid this kind of failure. We specialise in chemical handling and recommended suitable methodology to avoid a repetition.
Oil in Cooler Circuit Aircon cooling systems

Corrosion inhibition

Oil fouling

Heat transfer

Oil fouling in cooling water circuits and high temperature pipes can seriously impair heat transfer and damage rubber and plastic components. It is important to be able to remove it quickly and economically. It is also imperative that the circuit is correctly dosed with biocide and corrosion inhibitors to prevent the loss of heat transfer by corrosion and biogrowth.
Switchgear corrosion

Galvanising corrosion

Copper corrosion

Cable corrosion

Corrosion may occur in electrical equipment exposed to moisture and flooding. It is possible to dry out and re-use large cable runs and earthing systems which have been exposed to moisture/water and suffered corrosion. In these instances we investigate condition and recommended a recovery treatment for the affected cable.
corroded cable
Cracked manifold High temperature cracking

High temperature oxidation

Stress cracking

Components that operate at high temperature may experience high temperature oxidation. They may also be constructed in materials which cannot tolerate steep temperature gradients. Stress cracks may propagate from casting defects as seen in the photograph. Our metallurgical investigations determined the causes of failure in this instance.
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